Road Trip – day 7

Day 7 – Friday 14th July

I knew my holiday was over when I arrived at the Durkan Kibbutz in Trim! 🤣🤣🤣

I was put to work on the Bog in Balivor, packing sods of turf into bags, loading them into a wheelbarrow and stacking them into a van. But that wasn’t the end of it….oh no, on arrival back at the house they had to be unloaded, stacked ‘neatly and properly’ along the side wall, before being covered over with plastic to keep them dry, ready for the winter. 😕😲


Joking aside, it was a pleasure to be able to help and as a thank you I got to bring a few bags home with me.  Not bad for an hour’s work 😁😉 Turf by the way is used in place of or alongside coal or logs in a fire.


I have been asked many times which part of the trip I enjoyed the most but to be honest I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. The Ring of Kerry is a must for everyone’s bucket list with the Dingle peninsula a maga for hikers and cyclists alike. If you do go make sure you have a fully functioning camera or mobile with you as you will want to take loads of photos.  Having said that, no photograph could EVER capture the beauty and essence of this place; it needs to be seen to be believed!

I also enjoyed the freedom of travelling on my own with just my dog for company.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and will follow me for other stories.


One thought on “Road Trip – day 7

  1. It was great Tonia, and Marguerite and I were very happy to be a part of your epic week. What a laugh it was, and as always the sun shone on us. Life is for living cos we’ll be long enough looking at the lid!


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