Thunder 🐶

20170708_080508.jpg Let me introduce you to Thunder.  Thunder is an 11 year old American bulldog/staffy cross whom I adopted on 10th April 2017. She is my third rescue dog and is quite a character.

When she first came to me she had been living with an elderly gentleman who sadly passed away and had been used to the run of the house including full use of the bedroom AND bed!!

She got a surprise and a shock when that wasn’t the case in her new home.  After several weeks of sleepless nights, wrecking of doors and architraves, tramping up and down a wooden staircase (this girl was no lightweight) I relented and allowed her to sleep in my room.  However, I am adamant she is NEVER getting to sleep on my bed…I have to draw the line somewhere! 🤔😒

Three months later, after several kilos of weight loss, 3 inches of her waistline, she is now ready (I hope) for her first hike!

Update: 15th July 

Thunder and I are just home from our road trip around Ireland where we had an amazing time.  Read all about it in ‘Road Trip to Kerry’ which you’ll find on my home page.

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